Training Centre

Staff Training

Lucerne will have fully qualified Staff in all aspects of care provision by providing a state of the art Training Centre for all.

At Lucerne, we recognise that there is a lack of opportunity to gain qualifications in Care within West Lothian. In order to rectify this situation, Lucerne will invest in across the sector training for all aspects of care.

All Care Companies within the Care sector are required to qualify their Carers to a minimum of SV2 by end of 2022. We aim to surpass this minimum by registering with SQA to enable us to qualify staff to a minimum of SVQ3 and in addition offer a multiple of other subjects to enhance our staffs Care education and to provide a superb specialised care package for our clients.

In summary:

Lucerne will be fully compliant with all of the SSSC and Care Inspectorate requirements. All of our staff will be trained to a far higher standard than minimum requirements.

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